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Butterfly Birdbath

birdbath with butterfly design in the center

Butterfly Birdbath …… Now Available in Charcoal

These lovely Birdbaths with a butterfly embellishment in the centre are an absolute delight.

birdbath with butterfly design


This birdbath with a dainty butterfly design  cast in charcoal coloured concrete with frost proofing additives.

The outer rim of the bowl is embellished with a vine and the inner bowl with a butterfly.

All our birdbaths are sealed with several coats of outdoor sealant and ready to place out in the garden.

If you’re looking for a heavy bath to replace an existing top, have a look at our rustic design. It is a bit heavier and doesn’t topple when large birds land on it.


  • Outside Bowl Diameter  – 39cm / 15 Inch
  • Inside Bowl Diameter – 30 cm / 12 Inch
  • Item Height – 5cm /  2 Inch
  • Item Weight – 6kg / 13 pounds
  • Bowl Capacity – 1 Litre / 1.7 Pints
Please remember to change the water daily for the birds and keep your new bath clean. Place in a nice shady spot and away from predators, and most of all enjoy the beauty that frequents it.
See our full range of Bird Baths or visit our Facebook page for news updates.
Notes & Additional Information:

We are very proud of our products, please do not hesitate if you have any questions or issues.
These bird baths are handmade from concrete and may have small irregularities or blemishes in texture and colour such as small air bubbles which is typical of concrete casting. 

The photographs of these stones are captured in natural light outdoors, wherever possible, but the colours do vary in different lighting and so look different depending on your screen resolution. For example they look darker in the shade than they do in the sun.
We package our stones in a nice sturdy box which is well padded for the journey.
The biodegradable packaging beans we use reduce to almost nothing when wetted.(give it try by sprinkling some water on it )

If you do live outside of the UK and would like to order from us, no problem at all. Please do get in touch with us for a quote for postage.

Thank you so much for your interest from all of us here at FunkyRustics and have a fantastic day.